The Art of Specialist Heavy Haulage

Transportation is one of the toughest industries out there. Building a legacy business in this rough-and-tumble world of high-pressure schedules and long periods spent alone on the road is a lot harder than it may appear. Despite this, Unified Logistics has proven itself more than capable of adapting to this continuously evolving industry.

The Unified Logistics family has a passion for complex, customized transportation services. As its name suggests, the company unifies a number of transportation operators under one banner to create a unique business model that serves many industries across North America. Clients include those that deal in industrial equipment, the manufacturing industry, freight forwarders, the world of extra-large art, and more. In fact, it is rare to come across a transportation provider that is so skilled in hauling unusual fright that even sculptors entrust it with moving their most prized works.

Unified Logistics is so well versed in this line of work that it has become the first choice of many museums. “We move a lot of museum art and outdoor sculpture. These pieces are very fragile and have to be moved in a certain way. We have to be an artisan in managing and handling that material just as [the artists] do when they build it,” says Chief Executive Officer Geoff Davis.

This fresh approach to transportation comes with large capital injections for smaller companies which are then able to collaborate nationally and offer services of which only larger companies have traditionally been capable. “We take family businesses and invest in them so that they become ongoing enterprises rather than one-generation operations. We relieve their economic and technological constraints by bringing their capital status onto a corporate level,” says Geoff.

This model finds good businesses that are lean on working capital and technology and so find it hard to compete against larger companies, and it allows them to continue running their businesses and to become legitimately competitive in the greater market at the same time. These companies then receive access to the technology and capital they need. This makes them even more competitive by freeing them from managing tedium in favor of the important tasks of selling their services, engaging with clients, and enjoying the process.

The company is always on the lookout to add existing businesses that suit its structure. It serves both regional and national clients throughout North America from physical locations in Montana, Minnesota, New York, and Michigan.

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