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Unified Logistics Companies are uniquely focused on highly-specialized logistics services - moving the most difficult of all freight.


Logistic networks and logistic service providers are designed to deliver solutions and models for predictable, linear and rigid supply-chain networks. Ultimately, they are faced with the reality that real-world logistics demands are not very predictable, or linear, and require flexibility. Manufacturers are under product cost and quality pressure as a result of globalization.  To relieve these pressures, they are shifting their operations and production facilities to lower-cost labor and raw material markets, while simultaneously trying to better coordinate their supply and demand chains to maximize their product life cycle. Their ability to make these changes becomes more difficult as they adjust to the new channel demands of the internet and the constant changes coming from their supply chain partners.

Traditional providers of supply chain solutions cannot easily adapt to the changing marketplace as they are burdened with the complexities and costs of legacy-based systems to which process flow changes cannot be easily made, which prevent them from easily providing a solution capable of adapting to the new supply chain model that manufacturers are moving toward in the 21st century.

There is a need and an opportunity for a more intelligent, adaptive and automated approach to empowering logistics that is unfettered by the weight of legacy systems and rigid architectures and rules, and Unified is meeting this need.  We believe our proprietary domain expertise and technology platform will drive rapid integration and reduce execution risk, and provide an opportunity to expand our revenues through the delivery of service-specific, web-based offerings.